Girls in Action GAs

WMU is also responsible for the younger girls in our church. With a very competent retired teacher as director, the Girls in Action for Grades 1-6 is an exciting place to be on Wednesday night. The two facilitators are very understanding and patient, helping the girls study about a mission in the US and one in another country each month. In addition to their studies, they are very involved in many missions supported by the church, ie:

  • they participate in the shoe-box ministry;
  • they are very involved in the collection of the special offerings of our church
  • they collect items for care boxes for military and homebound people
  • they make and send Christmas cards through our Prison Ministry
  • they make fleece blankets to share with homebound people when they visit
  • they help raise funds for the annual Golf Tournament for Missions
  • they attend GA Day at Camp Mundo Vista
  • they also enjoy the end of year treat: a swim party and sleepover with the leaders


The girls and leaders are excited with the blessings of being in GA’s.

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