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Nursery Department


Nursery A (Cherubs) —(Room 202) This nursery is provided for newborn infants up to the toddler stage.


Nursery B (Lambs) —(Room 204) This is a Sunday School class for one and two year olds. We learn Bible stories, Bible verses, and songs relating to the Bible. We learn to share and to be helpers. We paint, color, glue, and put puzzles together.


Preschool Department


9:45-10:00 Preschool Choir Time. We learn and sing new songs.

10:00—10:45 Bible Learning Activities and Group Time. A Bible story is told, Bible verses are read, and the children talk to God. They also play and eat a snack.


God’s Little Helpers — (Room 204) This class is for 3 and 4 year old children.


Little Disciples — (Room 206) This class is for 5 year olds. The kindergarten room has play and learning centers in the room: music, nature, blocks, puzzles, books, home living, and art


Children’s Department


1st - 3rd Grade (Room 209)


4th Grade - 6th Grade

We provide age-appropriate lessons at each grade level, learn memory verses, hear Bible stories, and apply what we hear to our daily lives.


Youth Department

Youth A: 7th — 8th Grade

Youth B: 9th — 12th Grade

The youth convene at 9:45 AM for a time of Bible study and prayer. The classes learn how the Old and New Testament lessons apply to their daily living.


Adult Men’s Classes


Men’s II — (Room 215) Fellowship Class (for all ages)

· Explore God’s Word

· Encourage Benevolence

· Promote fellowship through various mission projects

“We welcome you”


Men’s III/IV — (Room 106) True Worship

This men’s class is targeted for men of all ages and into the early retirement years. The lesson presentation usually includes exposition followed by directed discussion.


Men’s V (Room 105)

Open to all men. This class provides a cheerful and friendly environment where members can relax, enjoy Christian fellowship and share an in-depth lesson from God’s Word.


Adult Women’s Classes


Women’s II — (Room 219) The Merry Hearts

This class is for ladies of all ages. Our class motto is based on Proverbs 17:22a: “A merry heart doeth good like a medicine.” Each member is a Missionary. We WORK to minister to the needs of others. We STUDY God’s Word. We PRAY. We want to be an instrument for God.


Women’s III and Women IV-- (Joy Class) — (Room 103)

We are a class of faithful members who share in God's Word through Bible study. Members also share in fellowship as they reach out to others through phone calls and cards. Visits to our homebound members are also special times for us as well. We gladly welcome visitors and new members in our class!


Women’s V — Ladies Fellowship Class

This is a ladies’ class that meets to “Study and Discuss.” We extend an invitation to VISIT OUR CLASS AND STUDY WITH US!


Adult Co-Ed Classes


The Promises (Room 205)

We are a co-ed class for singles and couples past college age. Our class format is lecture and discussion.


The Becomers (for all ages)

This class of adult couples and singles is led by a team of teachers who use lecture and discussion to expound on Bible truths. We are a very MISSION MINDED class participating locally, in our state, and in world-wide projects. We are a close-knit family of believers who seeks to be the “hands and feet” of Jesus.


The Seekers

This co-ed class centers around discussion, using new literature that lends itself to this format. We assume each person reads the lesson beforehand so that the teacher is a facilitator. This class is relaxed, friendly, and enjoys the companionship of each other. The discussions are open and sincere.


The Conquerors

Spirit lead Bible study

Diverse ages

Surprising and exciting lessons each week

Never dull


Co-ed Bible Study —— Everyone Welcome


Small Group Bible Study -- Discussion based —Everyone Welcome


The Betwixt and Between (Room 217)

This Sunday School class was established for anyone out of high school who’s not ready to join an “adult” class. We enjoy a great time of fellowship before beginning our Bible study time. Our class averages 5-9 members, more when the out-of-towners come home. Chris Echerd and Virginia Austin are the teachers. We discuss the scripture and its application to our lives.
We invite everyone in this age group to visit our class and contribute as he/she feels led. And no matter how you feel about the Dallas Cowboys – we have a chair waiting for you. See you on Sunday!!!


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