Music Director - Sheila Austin


Shelia T. Austin, Minister of Music


               In 1969 when Shelia Austin was asked to serve as Music Director, the music program was somewhat limited.  Today the music ministry has a workable budget, appropriate rehearsal space,  a growing music library, and additional music opportunities for different age groups. 

               Antioch has been rooted in traditional worship since its organization in 1826.   Many of the favorite choir anthems are arrangements of  time-proven hymns.   The choir and congregation also enjoy a mix of gospel, spiritual, and contemporary music.  The Baptist Hymnal (1991) and The Celebration Hymnal (1997) still remain the primary resources for congregational singing.

               In 1997 Shelia retired from her professional career after thirty years as a public school teacher and administrator.  Most of her time is spent with family—her husband, their two daughters, and their families including five grandchildren.  Retirement has also created more time for church related opportunities.

               Her  hobbies include walking, embroidering, listening to and singing various kinds of music, gardening, and cooking.  She spends several hours each week planning, previewing music, developing the order of worship, and preparing for choir  rehearsals.            

Shelia serves as director of both the sanctuary choir and the Kids Choir.  Her music training includes private lessons in piano, organ, and voice.

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